Driver Improvement / Defensive Driving Course

Walk-ins Welcome Pending Available Seating

Up to 5 safe driving points awarded

  • 8 hour class
  • Satisfies court requirement
  • Satisfies DMV requirement
  • Voluntary participation
  • Possible insurance discount (check with your insurance company)
  • Can satisfy job requirement (check with your employer)
  • Up to 5 safe driving points awarded
  • DMV notification within 24 hours
  • Same day certificate of completion

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The Driver Improvement 8 Hour Course

This is an 8-hour class. We offer this class in a professional, pleasant, non-judgmental atmosphere with friendly instructors who are DMV approved and certified to teach this AAA approved curriculum. Our instructors undergo an annual national criminal background check. Day and evening classes are available so we can meet the needs of anyone seeking this class. We offer a variety of dates and times throughout the month.

Our Certificate of Completion is accepted at courts throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia. We are DMV approved and certified and our Certificate of Completion is accepted by DMV. You can earn up to 5 safe driving points for attending the Driver Improvement/Defensive Driving class.

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When to take the class in Virginia Beach

In addition to taking a court-ordered Driver Improvement Course, this course may also be taken prior to a court appearance or at an attorney’s suggestion.

Your insurance carrier may offer a discount if you take a Driver Improvement/Defensive Driving class. Check with your insurance provider and ask if they offer this discount.

A Driver Improvement/Defensive Driving class could improve your driving record for employment. Check with your employer.

We notify DMV within 24 hours of the completion of class to update your driving record and you will receive a Certificate of Completion with successful completion of the class.

The Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles or the courts determine how many safe driving points you will be awarded when you take the Driver Improvement/Defensive Driving class.

You can only receive safe driving points for taking the class every two years. However, you can take the class as often as you like to help you be a better, safer driver.

The Driver Improvement/Defensive Driving class DOES NOT satisfy the ASAP requirement. BJ & Gators Driving School is NOT an ASAP approved school.

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Where to take the class:

BJ & Gators Driving School runs classes weekly in Virginia Beach at:

1064 Lynnhaven Pkwy, Suite 108, Virginia Beach, VA 23452