Online Driver Education

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Under 18:

The new law effective July 1, 2022 requires an additional 90 minute parent/teen segment to all classroom driver education students under age 18.

In order to comply with the new law, students must submit proof of completion of this additional segment when taking the final exam for the online driver education course.

BJ & Gator’s Driving School offers the 90 minute parent/teen additional segment as part of our National Driver Training online driver education course. We help register our students for the 90 minute segment along with the driver’s education course, and can assist them in registering through National Driver Training if they are currently enrolled in this program.

Questions or comments may be directed to us at 757-463-0821.

Teens and Adults

  • 30 hour online driver education course
  • Equivalent to High School Driver Education
  • Meets licensing requirements for Virginia DMV
  • Required to obtain driver’s license in Virginia
  • Final test given at office location by appointment at 1064 Lynnhaven Pkwy, Suite 108, Virginia Beach
  • Certificate of Completion awarded on test day with passing grade

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